Food options!

We’ve managed have very few repeats of places we’ve gotten few from since moving to Largo:

  • 6/8: Skyline – just because we had one back home
  • 6/9: Boston Market – reminiscing about the 1990s, I guess?
  • 6/10: Santa Fe Mexican Grill – ended up going here because Untouchables nearby was crowded and cash only.
  • 6/11: Yellow Banks Grove (ice cream), Indian Rocks Fresh Market
  • 6/12: Your Pizza Shop – a Sunday staple with great pizza, wings, and beers
  • 6/13: Thai Basil II – pretty solid Thai just around the block
  • 6/17: Joella’s Chicken – Nashville Hot Chicken chain from … Louisville?
  • 6/30: iThai and Sushi – Really inexpensive lunch option for Thai
  • 7/2: Jollibee – This is Filipino fast food chain, you must get a Chickenjoy with Spaghetti!
  • 7/2: Red Ribbon Bake Shop – Halo Halo (shaved ice, coconut, beans dessert) and Ensaymada (sweet bread roll with cheese)
  • 7/3: Backwater’s at Sand Key – Excellent view
  • 7/4: Really Famous Tampa Style Cubans – We fed 5 for <$50!

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