So one of our new neighbors came by on Friday…

…just to inform us that they’re shooting off fireworks on Sunday night, July 3rd, since we were new to the neighborhood. He said only only one person really ever complains, telling them about 9pm to knock it off or take it elsewhere…

July 3rd came and went, and a pretty standard pro-amateur fireworks display happened from our neighbors’ house. The predictable neighbor telling them to knock it off at a certain time also happened.

There were a few audible fireworks shot off the nights before and there was some predictable shooting off of fireworks after dark in the neighborhood (and distant more official display), but the displays have been within pretty respectful time windows here versus in the old place in which fireworks would still be going off until 10 or 11pm and the loud shells would be shot off for several nights before and possibly after July 4th.

It’s definitely not perfect if you absolutely hate fireworks, but Fern Creek, Kentucky and Cantonment, Florida had far more obnoxious personal displays of fireworks. The dogs don’t like it, but they have been. relatively chill about the “work night” display on July 4th

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